Bandstand Fans Still Rave Over 50 Years Later

“I would run home from school and my mom had the milk and chocolate chip cookies all ready for us to enjoy while we watched American Bandstand! Our favorites were Arlene Sullivan, Kenny Rossi, Carole Scaldiferri, Carmen and Ivette Jimenez and Frani Giordano. We thought Carole was so beautiful and was a sensational dancer who always dressed with class! We were glued to the set when Spotlight Dances, dance contests and Rate-a-Record were on.

I am looking forward to BANDSTAND DIARIES and again want to thank all the fantastic people who are bringing such happiness to our lives by this Dream Come True – BANDSTAND DIARIES.

We all can be young again!”

Dorothy Rieger

Bandstand Fan

It took me to a different place with a different group of friends. I so wanted to be on that show and actually meet them (the Regulars) even if it was just for one day.

Jeff Karlin

Bandstand Fan

The show was important because that’s how I learned to dance. Kenny and Arlene and Bob and Justine were my favorites because in my opinion they were the best dancers and I loved to copy them.

Janet Purdy Ingram

Bandstand Fan

I remember my mom watching Bandstand every day. When I came home from grade school, I would watch it with her! Sometimes we danced together.

Mom is 85 now, but still does the jitterbug!

Terry DeFelice

Bandstand Fan

I was quite obsessed with American Bandstand. I would come home from school and mom was ready with the dust rag. But I would do a poor job of it as I danced with the Top Ten. What great memories of youth!

Sharon Lyons Wardlow

Bandstand Fan

American Bandstand was the first National TV dance program that featured teenagers who danced to roll and roll music which was controversial at the time.  My first impression was “Wow”, look at how these teens dance.  I was a dancer in my hometown, but never danced like the “Regulars’.  My vow was to learn the steps in front of the TV which I did!


Don Gillis

Bandstand Fan

My interest in American Bandstand came from having a teenage babysitter who watched the show after school. She introduced me to the dances like the Twist, Jerk, and Mashed Potato. I started to watch the dancers and the enthusiasm they showed. I was her practice partner and I became a fan after that. I was sorry when the show relocated to California. It lost it’s High School hop feel.

Michael Anglemire

Bandstand Fan