By: Patricia Perkins

Edited for content and clarity

Seeing Kenny Perform

I was a Boston Chapter Fan Club president for Kenny.  I kept up with him even after he left American Bandstand. I knew he was touring with his band and I wrote him a letter asking that if he ever appeared in the New England area, I would love to go and hear him.

One night, my brother told me that Kenny Rossi was on the phone. At first I thought he was kidding…or it was a guy friend teasing me pretending to be Kenny!  However, I finally realized it WAS Kenny and he told me he had received my letter. He was calling to invite me to a show he was doing in Rhode Island.  A friend and I drove there to see his performance.

He was so friendly and nice when we arrived.  He had reserved a table for us, paid for our drinks, visited with us at break times.    The band was wonderful.  Kenny’s voice was great!!  It was an excellent show!   At one point, he introduced me to the audience as his friend!  When we left he hugged me and told me he was happy that I had come to the show.  It was such a memorable evening!

Norman Kerr

Dancing with Norman

For my 16th birthday, my parents wrote and got tickets to be on American Bandstand for my best friend and me.   My friend and I  (and her Aunt)  took the train to Philadelphia.  We visited Pops store before the show then went to the studio for the show.  That day was a ladies’ choice and I asked Norman Kerr to dance…and he said yes!  The next dance he asked me!   He told me he loved my accent!     At one point in the show, Dick Clark interviewed me in the bleachers and I introduced the next song to be played. He told me he loved my accent and that he also loved Boston.  After the show we returned to Pops store before going back to Boston!   Incredible day!

AMERICAN BANDSTAND – “Show Coverage” – Airdate January 1, 1963. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images) DICK CLARK