Bandstand Diaries co-author Arlene Sullivan wrote about meeting Kenny in script. Here is a short recap of her recollections.

“When I first met Kenny Rossi he was sitting way up in the stands I noticed his curly black hair, blue suit, beautiful brown eyes. He was adorable.”

Arlene asked him to dance and thus Arlene and Kenny happened.

Arlene and Kenny first danced to “Why Don’t You Understand” by George Hamilton IV.

Arlene learned that Kenny had a “particular fondness for parties” as he liked the attention when he was dancing. They enjoyed walks in the park , and going to the drive-in movies with Barbara Leveick and her boyfriend at the time.

Kenny loved to sing. In particular, Arlene remembers him singing “Because of You” by Tony Bennett. She thought he was a great singer. Kenny was approached by a record company they wanted him to record and released “Problem Child”, his first of many to follow.

After being told by Dick Clark that as a recording artist “a professional” he could no longer dance on American Bandstand. Kenny left. Upset, but knowing what he wanted to do, Kenny told Arlene “he would miss me and the show. But I would still be his girl.”

Unfortunately, that was the beginning of their separation.

Kenny went on tour and was away a lot. They lost touch over the years. Arlene heard that Kenny got married and had a daughter named Nicki. After his first marriage ended, Kenny eventually remarried and had a son, Jonathan.

Kenny and Arlene met up again in the late 70’s and to this day remain close friends.