(edited for clarity and reading purposes)

By Eddie Kelly

“C” GROUP (1961 – 1964):  I was not around for this group, therefore I do not have much to say.  These Regulars went on to receive mail, have fan clubs, feature magazine articles and dancer contests just like the previous groups. There were quite a few Regulars crossing over at that time. I did notice the studio was not as full, allowing the Regulars much more camera time.  Thank you “C” Group for continuing the “Philly Saga”.

How lucky to have an experience of a lifetime and to be part of Rock & Roll history.  What a gift!  Back then, I  was not able to absorb so many things while they were happening as I can today -as retired and a senior citizen. It was a “Once In A Lifetime Occurrence.”  I want to truly thank the viewers who watched American Bandstand during these many years and making us part of your everyday lives.  Good Wishes, Peace and Love to All.

Yours Truly, Eddie Kelly