First, we want to again thank everyone who participated in our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The monies collected are going a long way towards paying for our cover book designer, the interior graphics artist, the guidance of our project manager (Sharon Woodhouse) and a myriad of book necessities like our ISBN numbers and bar code. Certainly, we’re learning there are many hidden costs necessary to write a book – and, as authors-to-be we hope that your love for everything “American Bandstand” will translate into book pre-orders and future purchases. Arlene, Ray and I know the book will be worth the wait – over 50 years later!

We will continue to offer Pre-Orders of the Collector’s Limited Edition, until we run out of copies. Books can be ordered on this website ( ) and it is a secure place for your orders to be placed.

Our anticipated publication date is August 15. We are working really hard to have the book out by that Monday. We are in talks about having a Book Launch Party in September with invitations to the Regulars, as Ray is working with Drexel University because they seem interested in filming the event.

Arlene’s Diary is truly mesmerizing. I read the last edited update this weekend and couldn’t put it down. Our editor, Jessica Stacey, has been speaking to Arlene regularly and they are adding more details and additional subjects to write about as they get to know each other better. I’ve collected somewhere above 30 photos for just this chapter in the book. They cover her childhood, teen years, life after Bandstand and quite a few photos of Arlene with the many celebrities she’s met (and still continues to meet) throughout her life. And Arlene tells me she can’t wait to personally begin selling copies of BANDSTAND DIARIES everywhere she goes including concerts, media appearances and to her legions of personal fans.

The next few days I will be rewriting the Chapter called The Regulars – The Living Legends. Along with these min-biographies, Cameron (my photographic/computer assistant) and I are selecting the photos that belong with each Regular. We will also have page-long photo montages of the Regulars, their friends and their family. Many have sent in current photographs of their extended families; a few we’ll have to telephone again to make sure we get some current shots. I continuously remind myself that it’s not as easy as it looks to flesh out this photo-packed section. But we’re glad we have many original snapshots fans will want to add savor.

I’ve got to get started now with the real business of the day….completing approximately 40 biographies of the Regulars which I’m hoping you’ll really enjoy reading. Have a great Monday.


PS – We truly appreciate fan mail, and quote from a 2-page handwritten letter from Dorothy Rieger of Los Gatos, California, who watch American Bandstand beginning in December, 1957 through 1961 with her mother by her side.

“I would run home from school and my mom had the milk and chocolate chip cookies all ready for us to enjoy while we watched American Bandstand! Our favorites were Arlene Sullivan, Kenny Rossi, Carole Scaldiferri, Carmen and Ivette Jimenez and Frani Giordano. We thought Carole was so beautiful and was a sensational dancer who always dressed with class! We were glued to the set when Spotlight Dances, dance contests and Rate-a-Record were on.

I am looking forward to BANDSTAND DIARIES and again want to thank all the fantastic people who are bringing such happiness to our lives by this Dream Come True – BANDSTAND DIARIES.

We all can be young again!”

Dorothy Rieger