Crowdfunding is a new concept for many of our Bandstand Diaries’ fans.But, it is the way thousands of projects – big and small – get funded today so that they evolve. Our book is just one example of how the world of products and services (and how they are created) has changed in recent years. And, actually, if I had time to do my homework, books have been crowdfunded throughout recent history, although the process was not called Indiegogo or Kickstarter…

The good news is that, although $20,000 sounds like a big number (and it certainly is) which we aim to raise through the campaign, in the first few hours and with only 7 books reserved, we are already 1% funded. Several of you have already shared our Banners on your own Facebook pages, and we thank you.

In addition to doing the finishing touches on our Indiegogo Campaign this morning, I had a chance to chat with Frank Spagnuola on the phone.  He, too, is writing a book about his friends in show business from South Philly, where so many stars grew up.  We are continuing the chat on Thursday so I can complete his Interview profile.

We won’t know how many pages BANDSTAND DIARIES will be until we send it to the Designer who will create the look and feel of the interior. But next week, Arlene Sullivan and Ray Smith will join me along with a couple of my favorite local people, Michael Angelmire and Ann Marie Maslan, for a few days of publishing boot camp. Susan Seligson Markowitz, a Regular from the early 1960s is also flying in to help. She will be sleeping over, so we’ll have an adult pajama party.

During Arlene’s visit, we will be working on the selection of the photos for the book. Many of you have been gracious enough to send in photographs from your personal collections. In addition to the Regulars who’ve sent in photos, we have fan club presidents and just plain fans who have managed to photograph the the Regulars over the years.

It’s hard to imagine that people can save photos for 40, 50, 60 or so years, but we often forget where we put our car keys!

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on what’s what in this blog.